Seasonal Skin Care Simplified

Well cared for skin is the palette for your future.

Soothing 24hr moisture...The more mature we get, the lighter should be our makeup regimen, and the more we should pay attention to skin care, so the current wisdom goes as we age.  It’s important to act our age, and in doing so, we offer a fresher face to the world!  You might decide to give it up entirely, many women do.  I prefer a little polish, knowing I can’t erase the wrinkles of time and experience.  And really, nor would I want to!

Exfoliating is an important part of my regimen.  I do it twice a week in the shower.  Moisturizer is essential.  I like a tinted moisturizer topped off with a little loose powder.  This evens out my skin tone, I’m one of those that has the  underlying ruddiness!  I save the mascara, blush and shadow when I want to be a little more groomed, however, my usual regimen, including a lipcolor protected by lip gloss, is sufficient for most of my lifestyle activities.   I tend to stick with Chapstick brand Cherry lip gloss.  One with SPF is good for the summer when out all day!

Augment your skin care routine by wearing a sunhat while out in the sun.  Hydrate well with water.  A slice of lemon in your glass of water gives it some “juice”!  Quit smoking, as cigarettes dehydrate the skin.  An alcohol habit also dehydrates the skin.

I wear gloves outside for yard and barn chores, and also when riding.  My hands still seem to show the wear and tear!  I depend on regular use of hand cream.

I hope this gives you some ideas to simplify your routine.   If it makes you feel good, give it a try!




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