180 for menopause

Goooooaaaaal!What is 180?  This is a wholistic, homeopathic, diet plan.  Diet is such a four letter word! in many people’s vocabulary, including mine!  I prefer to say food choice make-over, food cupboard clean-up, call it what You like!

A half dozen of us have banded together, most involved in horse sports to various degrees and levels, to create a team, and compete through the product company of Dynamite to see whose team is the biggest loser!  Right now, I figure our team has to win, since I have just come out of retirement with my denial of what I need to do (to keep getting in the saddle and not outgrow it!).  Major motivator!

I weigh in tomorrow, two days of loading up with big calorie foods, then Tuesday start in with low glycemic index foods focusing on proteins, fruits and vegetables.  Hunter/gatherer type choices.

This is not an innovative food list, reference The Zone from the 90’s, The South Beach Diet, and others, but the teamwork approach makes for a great support system!  Just make sure your teammates are kind!  As mine are!  We all want to keep riding in balance!

We focus on our food choices for 8 weeks.  I’ll keep you posted as I go along.  Yikes, I have to “own up” tomorrow!  Don’t look back, onward and upward!

Here’s to your ultimate health and wellness!  For Menopause and beyond!


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