Weighing in for menopause

2010_04_15 scalesProgress report!  Weighing in, each Tuesday morning reporting.  I am down by 7-8 pounds, I love being lighter and smaller!  I wore jeans that I haven’t in two years, my QBaby Wrangler riding jeans are comfortable in the waist now, not cutting me in half!

The food holds me, I’m not getting cravings.  This gives you such a quick start, and a great motivation to keep on track!  Plain protein, low fat, no sugar, fruits and veggies.  Not a lot of cooking, just what you want to do, I could eat tuna fish, hardboiled eggs, celery, and apples if I wanted!  The food list offers plenty of variety!

As with any food plan, I recommend being on a quality supplement.  Dynamite offers their own line for you to try.

No matter what your weight goals, it’s always nice to reassess our diets!

For menopause and beyond!



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