Diet vacation management

Tuesday weigh in, gained less than half a pound.  I have one of those scales that measures in 0.2 increments.  Pick one up at your local discount store for under twenty dollars.

I’ve been on vacation with my daughter for the last two weeks.  Dietary management has really been quite easy!  I had one “off” day when in Stehekin.  I had a chicken sandwich, grilled, without the bun, thought I was doing well, until we decided to stop in Leavenworth for dinner.  We went to our favorite bistro, and I ordered a salad that seemed straightforward enough.

The salad came drowned in dressing.  Although I managed to eat the chicken and most of the added vegetables, I reminded myself to take nothing for granted, and order the dressing on the side!

The next day, we went to Lake Wenatchee to spend the day, and I astutely packed a picnic lunch!  Take a look at this cute, collapsible picnic basket.  It is insulated, and I used those ice pack things to keep things cool.  Worked great!  Look for it at your local discount store!

Again, salad dressing on the side, and pack a picnic!

Here’s to your easily managed dietary needs!


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