Weigh in day on Tuesday

Had the weigh in a couple of days ago, broke the over-twenty pound loss!  I’m excited!  I love being lighter and thinner!  Today I weighed myself, and am already on my way to thirty pounds weight loss!

Went through my closet and had to let loose of a few pairs of jeans that are now TOO BIG for me!  And, my bottom is shrinking!  I’ve lost 20 inches along the way!

While I was on vacation with my daughter, I gained half a pound.  When I was gone for a week with my horse, riding and camping, I lost two pounds!  And I did cheat a little…..

I continue to feel good, healthy, with good energy and mental acuity.  Dynamite provides a quality vitamin program to enhance your weight loss experience.  I really feel that this is for real, and I won’t be backsliding, I feel too good!

Here’s to your health for menopause and beyond!



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