Weekly weigh in for menopause

ChainedOnly a little behind getting this posted!  Rather hectic going into the weekend, how about you?

Twenty five pounds lighter, thinner, heading for thirty pounds lost, and I’m going to keep on going!  This is fun, and amazing, and I’m seeing what clothes I can take to Goodwill now!

I have met my target on the jeans that I wanted to keep, one pair, with that lower cut waist, I didn’t think they would ever fit.  However, they are on, comfortable, with hardly a muffin top.  This pair is Wrangler Premium Patch (with stretch) bootcut low rise.  I’ve surprised myself on this one!

The food routine and choices remain satisfying, and sustaining, after all, we are busy women!

Take a look at the Dynamite 180 plan for your health for menopause, and beyond!  And also for the right here and now!

Click on the menu tab up top to check it out for yourself!  (Click on Human on the list to the left.)


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