Dynamite 180 stabilization

I lose water weight during the week and gain over the weekendThirty pounds lost!  I love being lighter and thinner!  The Dynamite 180 program advances you to stabilization and maintenance in order to reinforce good eating habits, food journaling, and daily weigh-in.

I know of no other plan that helps to keep the weight off by extending their protocol beyond the initial weight loss goal.  During this time, I stop taking the 180 homeopathic drops.  I continue on the protocol for three days, which I’ve just completed.

Do this for at least three weeks, choosing foods off the protocol list, weighing yourself daily, and continuing to food journal.  Stay within two pounds of your goal weight.  If you go over this, tighten up your eating until you have achieved this balance.

The stabilization period can be extended from three to six weeks.

Here’s to your weight loss success, Dynamite 180 makes it a reality!


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