180 diet stabilization is working!

34/365 - B is for Battling the BulgeAlmost two weeks into stabilization!  This plan continues to work!  Again, for a three week period, I continue to eat off the food list, with no 180 drops, journal daily, weigh daily, keeping within two pounds of my goal weight.

It’s been easy, with no fluctuation the first week, then a one pound loss in the last couple of days.  I have deviated a little with a couple of meals out, and some chocolate!  Still easily within stabilization goals!

Weighing daily helps remind me that yes, I truly did lose the weight, and to keep me on course with my food journaling.  I’m so grateful to be thinner and lighter, for my own health and wellness, and the trickle down effect with my family and horsemanship!

Check out the menu tab above for the Dynamite 180 program!  Watch the video! (Click on Human, then on 180, then scroll down to watch the video)

Have a great day in natural health and wellness!


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