De-stress for menopause

DSCN0365It’s all about stress management!  How are you handling yours?  Have you identified those things that stress you?  What changes in your body do you notice when stressed?  High color?  A feeling of anxiety?  Feeling overwhelmed?  A feeling of panic?

Stress depletes the adrenal gland, our only source of estrogen production for menopause.  Stress management for menopause becomes a high priority!

What can you do when you find yourself becoming stressed?  Taking deep breaths, breathing in and out, recenters and also lowers blood pressure.  Inhale and exhale with a count of five seconds each.  Have a mantra for yourself when you find yourself in stressful situations.  Talk your way to your “good spot”!

When I inhale, I think “good in”, and “garbage out” with my exhalation.  A couple of rounds of deep breathing puts my feet back on the ground for menopause!


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