Winter dry skin for menopause

Galápagos Tortoise 3, Melbourne ZooWe are on the cusp of spring, coming out of our hibernation!  Winter dry skin manifests in chapped lips, dry, flaky patches, scaly knees and elbows, what do you experience?  Working outside chaps your hands and face.  Working with paper bleeds the moisture out of your hands.  Not licking your lips is not an option!  However, it contributes to the problem!  What do you do for those cracks on the tips of your fingers and around your nails?  Those can be painful!

Here are a few tips that I have found helpful over the years, trying the latest and greatest, I come back to these products.  Consistency is key!

I keep Bag Balm on my bathroom counter.  I have a large container and fill up a couple of small containers for my purse, desk, and truck.  I massage it on my cuticles in the morning, and around the tips of my fingers.  I get those sore skin cracks otherwise, so I am very consistent, applying throughout the day as needed.  I also use it for a lip gloss, either over or under my lipstick.  I use it on my nose after blowing so I avert a sore, red, chapped nose.  It really lasts!  Comparing cost and effectiveness, Bag Balm can’t be beat!  Find it at your local discount store in the first aid aisle, ask about the small containers for refill purposes.

Bag Balm -- changing my life one swipe at a time

Keep healthy for menopause and beyond!


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