Feel your face for menopause

Where The Rainbow StartsDuring the winter, I exfoliate more often, your face takes a hit with the winter wind and cold!  I have blonde skin that is sensitive to many products, and also tends to get blotchy red!  I keep coming back to the Arbonne Rejuvinating Cream.  It’s also light enough for hot weather use, and a little secret, I keep it in the fridge, it feels so good!  It’s perfect for all season freshness for your face!

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Moisturizing your face is a minimum for skin care.  Preventing sunburn always makes good sense.  Keeping yourself hydrated will reflect on the health of your skin.  Having an alcohol habit and a smoking habit will lend itself to drying the skin, compounding itself for the long term.  This is not new information!  Practice relaxation techniques so as to avoid chronic frown lines.  And remember, presenting yourself with a twinkle in your eye and your beautiful smile will be the first thing people notice!

Be your best for menopause and beyond!





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