Health affirmations for menopause

Longford River one fine summerHere we are, coming out of winter, ready to shed the extra pounds from hibernation and comfort food!  I am!  Sorted through the closet for my favorite jeans, OK, time to lose the muffintop and the accompanying extra layer of insulation!

It helps to remind myself what I want this to accomplish.  When I’m thinner and lighter, I have better balance riding my horse.  I don’t want to outgrow the saddle I just bought!  I feel like I am detoxifying my body when I tighten up my diet.  I love being lighter and thinner!

I find that it is a big help when I am involved in something I am passionate about.  For me, this involves my horse habit.  I admit, a little vanity creeps in for the sake of taking pictures with my horse looking more fit and trim!  And I feel more like myself when I’ve shed the extra pounds!

I’ve hung my jeans on the front of the closet where I can see them every morning.  I can get them zipped up, but oh, they are pinching!  My goal is to be in them comfortably by March 21st, for attending the Northwest Horse Fair and Expo in Albany, Oregon!

I’ve got my Dynamite 180 and my food protocol.  Click on the menu tab above to get yours!

Let’s tune up together for menopause and beyond!



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