Hay There!

IMG_0060Wow, this anticipated year of transition lasted longer than I would have thought!  I’m so glad to arrive at a spot where I can draw you, dear friends, into the loop again!

For a number of reasons involving and motivated by my family, I relocated to Spokane, Washington.  It was the year before she started high school, the classic window of opportunity to get children moved and ready for the transition!

I had considered Western Washington as well, however, I do have an affinity for the East side of the mountains!  With research, I felt that Spokane offered improvement on many levels, offering progress to move forward in many areas of my life!

I appreciate having more choices for my daughter for higher education, perhaps I can be a co-dependent parent for a little while longer if she can find a school here!  Of course, I do not tell her such a thing, lol!

As a single, working parent, it helps to have an availability of competitive services, more to choose from, to help run my household and meet my needs.  I was able to have some tree work done, a room painted, and beds delivered two weeks before I officially made the move.

Her Dad and I had agreed to reside in the same city for her high school years to give support between us.

There is enough economy here, drawing additionally from Idaho and Western Montana, to generate horse activities, from Cowboy Dressage, to Ranch Sorting, and many areas to trail ride and camp.  I had never explored this part of the State!

Overall, I have been very pleased with where I “landed” in the area!  I found a nice turnkey place to shelter all my entities, I can see the garage floor now, and it feels like home!

Stay tuned for more on this latest life adventure!  Would you do it?





2 thoughts on “Hay There!

  1. Sandy Brown

    Always up for a new life adventure, aren’t you? Hope both you and Paula enjoy her high school years. Cherish is starting high school in a couple weeks. Our girls are becoming beautiful young ladies. Growing up quickly. It seems like only yesterday we all met, and yet it’s been 9 years.

  2. Terri Hughes Post author

    Hi Sandy, yes, time passes too quickly, we have to take advantage of our opportunities and not let them get away! Amazing the progress that our daughters have made, turning into beautiful young ladies that we can be proud of! I like to imagine making the opportunity soon to get together!

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