Going Down the Garden Pathway. . . . . .

Good morning, friends!

Doctor Themed CupcakesA couple of months ago, I got hit with a UTI, which necessitated a trip to the Urgent Care.  I had not established care with a Primary Care Physician since I moved here two years ago.  Can’t I just put it off a little longer?  Logic dictated that I get established, but I had not moved on it.

That day, with my visit, I was diagnosed and given an antibiotic.  I was also tagged for high blood pressure.  I do get higher readings than at home due to “white coat syndrome”, rather like an anxiety producing state of mind.

With the stress of a move, new job, a subsequent job change, and yes, not managing my diet very well, gaining a few pounds, I had set myself up for a wake up call!  Darn!

MedsI really don’t want to go there, down the path of high blood pressure, and subsequent other triggers to heart disease, and more medicine!  I also left that day with a prescription for lisinopril and an appointment with a practitioner for follow-up at the affiliated clinic.

I resolved to clean up my diet and promptly started the Dynamite 180 protocol.  I ordered a couple bottles of the drops and Dynalite.  I already take the usual Dynamite daily vitamins and minerals.   I couldn’t find my blood pressure cuff, so ordered another one from Amazon.com.  Within 10 days, I had lost a few pounds, and my blood pressure was reading my usual-for-me readings, if not a little better!

Salad for LunchI just am not willing to take the band-aid of maintenance medicine.  I don’t like to harp on weight loss, but weight gain does throw your body out of balance, and has a trickle down effect on all your systems.  Granted, artery flexibility is a tough one as we age, I’m researching it!

I’m down fifteen pounds in weight, and having really great readings.  For every twenty pounds of weight lost, you can remove a blood pressure medication.  That is still clinically significant!  Be sure to work that routine in with your provider!  I’m sure they will appreciate your proactive approach to your ongoing health!

Weight LossWhat changes have you made for your health care?  I’d love to know! 



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