February is for tune-up!

Good morning, Friends!

Snow still on the ground and fog in the air!  However, birds are arriving and many horses have decided to start shedding!  I can always tell at home by the amount of hairballs my Cavvi Spaniel, Barney, leaves around the house!  Spring still arrives with all of the accompanying allergy symptoms, some years mild, some years not!

February is a great time to start daily probiotic therapy in time for spring allergies.  I started in February a couple of years ago, and when my trigger allergy month came around, I never had a symptom!  I like to give a two month trial for herbal medicinals and supplements to take effect.  Remember, longer onset, fewer or no side effects!

Daily probiotic therapy has done a great job for me with regularity, digestion, boosting my immune system, and allergy symptoms!  Make sure you pick a product with at least three different strains.  Check the label to see if it needs to be refrigerated after opening. Do yourself a favor, and get started right away!



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