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Breakfast at the Columbia Gorge Hotel, Hood RiverHi, I’m dedicated to the health and wellness of the mature woman, peri-menopausal through post-menopausal and beyond.  I hold a PharmD. degree of Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Washington School of Pharmacy, and am a  licensed pharmacist in the state of Washington.  Herbal medicinals and natural supplements was my focus of study.  I did my senior thesis on the natural management of menopause.  I was awarded the Perrigo Award of Excellence for outstanding performance in non-prescription medication studies.

As a woman, I believe in being pro-active in my lifestyle choices, preferring to stay in touch and be actively engaged with my passions in life!  These passions include my daughter and my horses, wonderful friends and riding buddies!  I’ve entered my sixties, and I refer to myself as entering “agelessness”!  I’d be delighted if you join the club!

Terri Hughes

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