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Going Down the Garden Pathway. . . . . .

Good morning, friends!

Doctor Themed CupcakesA couple of months ago, I got hit with a UTI, which necessitated a trip to the Urgent Care.  I had not established care with a Primary Care Physician since I moved here two years ago.  Can’t I just put it off a little longer?  Logic dictated that I get established, but I had not moved on it.

That day, with my visit, I was diagnosed and given an antibiotic.  I was also tagged for high blood pressure.  I do get higher readings than at home due to “white coat syndrome”, rather like an anxiety producing state of mind.

With the stress of a move, new job, a subsequent job change, and yes, not managing my diet very well, gaining a few pounds, I had set myself up for a wake up call!  Darn!

MedsI really don’t want to go there, down the path of high blood pressure, and subsequent other triggers to heart disease, and more medicine!  I also left that day with a prescription for lisinopril and an appointment with a practitioner for follow-up at the affiliated clinic.

I resolved to clean up my diet and promptly started the Dynamite 180 protocol.  I ordered a couple bottles of the drops and Dynalite.  I already take the usual Dynamite daily vitamins and minerals.   I couldn’t find my blood pressure cuff, so ordered another one from Amazon.com.  Within 10 days, I had lost a few pounds, and my blood pressure was reading my usual-for-me readings, if not a little better!

Salad for LunchI just am not willing to take the band-aid of maintenance medicine.  I don’t like to harp on weight loss, but weight gain does throw your body out of balance, and has a trickle down effect on all your systems.  Granted, artery flexibility is a tough one as we age, I’m researching it!

I’m down fifteen pounds in weight, and having really great readings.  For every twenty pounds of weight lost, you can remove a blood pressure medication.  That is still clinically significant!  Be sure to work that routine in with your provider!  I’m sure they will appreciate your proactive approach to your ongoing health!

Weight LossWhat changes have you made for your health care?  I’d love to know! 



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To be or not to be. . . . .for menopause

Govanhill photoshoot at the Arches, Glasgow: LaughingEver get asked for advice?  A good friend emailed me with questions about her diagnosed osteoarthritis.  Being a pharmacist, a medical professional, I decided to help my friend, but perhaps not from the direction she was expecting.  Or at least not right away.  When we are faced with lifestyle decisions as we mature, what considerations influence the direction you take?  What do you see as your “quality of life” goal?

I cannot speak for others, but hopefully giving myself as an example, explore some philosophy behind the decisions that move our lives forward.

WP_000067Being a single working Mom, I was compelled to make some decisions regarding my  health and well being a couple of years ago.  When we make decisions about our health, that in turn influences our involvement with the people in our lives, those who have a vested interested in our lives, our autonomy going forward in our lives, and activities that we stay involved with or modify in some way.

DSCN0306I started with my weight management a little over two years ago.  As a single working Mom, the “buck stops here” so to speak.  I do not have a boyfriend or husband vested in me or my life.  I have a teenager at home, and work full time in my profession.  I manage, to a greater or lesser degree, to have a horse hobby, with two horses at home on my small acreage, friends to ride out with, and lesson work as can be managed.

DSCF3459My goal is to guard my self sufficiency as I mature in life, and continue to give my best to my daughter, and participate in my horse sport.  Being physically healthy starts with an assessment of weight management, as with proper management we can control our numbers for cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure, and ease the burden on our muscular-skeletal system.

martini anyone?I was at a crossroads, I had to make a decision, and I had to do it.  I had to step up and deliver for myself.  I went with the Dynamite 180 program, you can review my progress from the beginning.  I’ve been successful in my weight management for over two years.  Pick your plan, I’ve been successful with this one, and can apply the protocol to tune up as I go al0ng.  I have experienced in the past some weight fluctuation, and the Dynamite 180 program gives me the tools to deal and keep on track.

DSCN0327So, first, lose the weight, bring your numbers to normalcy, have better balance on your horse, take the stress off your body, eliminate much of the discomfort the extra weight causes, have more energy, and get a better night’s sleep!

Stay tuned for the next step in the journey!

Here’s to the best you can be, or want to be, for menopause!


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Health affirmations for menopause

Longford River one fine summerHere we are, coming out of winter, ready to shed the extra pounds from hibernation and comfort food!  I am!  Sorted through the closet for my favorite jeans, OK, time to lose the muffintop and the accompanying extra layer of insulation!

It helps to remind myself what I want this to accomplish.  When I’m thinner and lighter, I have better balance riding my horse.  I don’t want to outgrow the saddle I just bought!  I feel like I am detoxifying my body when I tighten up my diet.  I love being lighter and thinner!

I find that it is a big help when I am involved in something I am passionate about.  For me, this involves my horse habit.  I admit, a little vanity creeps in for the sake of taking pictures with my horse looking more fit and trim!  And I feel more like myself when I’ve shed the extra pounds!

I’ve hung my jeans on the front of the closet where I can see them every morning.  I can get them zipped up, but oh, they are pinching!  My goal is to be in them comfortably by March 21st, for attending the Northwest Horse Fair and Expo in Albany, Oregon!

I’ve got my Dynamite 180 and my food protocol.  Click on the menu tab above to get yours!

Let’s tune up together for menopause and beyond!



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Support Group for Dynamite 180 diet

Sweet Potato Vine on the DeckWhen I started the Dynamite 180 diet program, the Dynamite company was running a “biggest loser” contest.  There were four of us in our group, with weigh-in’s every Tuesday morning.  It added to our motivation!

Since then, the Dynamite company has started a Dynamite 180 Support Group on Facebook!  Along with following the protocol to attain your goal weight, tap into this support group!

Search for Dynamite 180 Support and tap in!

Here’s to your success with the Dynamite 180 protocol!


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Maintenance on the Dynamite 180 diet

The Dynamite 180 diet program is great!  It takes you through weight loss, stabilization, and maintenance!  Maintenance is keeping within two pounds of your weight goal, working with old and new food habits.  This is the time you add back in some of your past favorites, seeing how they work, and which ones will never be a good choice for your diet plan.  If you push yourself over the edge, you can tighten up your diet with the food choices on the protocol.  I have found the Dynamite 180 diet to be very manageable!  I love being lighter and thinner!

Check it out!  Grab the link on the menu tab above, then click on Human on the left, then click on 180.  Scroll down and view the video, it gives you the “skinny” as does my previous blogs!

Here’s to your healthy lifestyle choices, for menopause, before, and beyond!


Order the starter pak direct from the website, you’ll get it along with the protocol within two to three days!

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35 pounds lost on the Dynamite 180 program!

P7032720 Lomofied full scale lots of extra blur scaledI decided to go off stabilization and lose another five pounds!  Well, mission accomplished!  So am back on stabilization, focusing on the protocol food list without the 180 drops for three days, then continuing for another couple of weeks, then on to maintenance.  I love how the Dynamite 180 program teaches you how to live beyond the diet!

Here’s to your health for menopause, and at any life stage you find yourself!


Click on the menu tab above, then to the left on Human, then on 180, the 180 Dynapak is what you need to implement the 180 diet!

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Stabilization complete on Dynamite 180 diet!

Zaim - HDRThree weeks into stabilization phase, and guess what, it worked!  I actually lost one pound.  This is an amazing program, teaching your body chemistry to reset itself!  No craving of carbs, no hunger pains, easy to be an “easy keeper”!  I have fit in some occasional chocolate, my body goes for the fat to burn!

What could be better!

Dynamite 180 Maintenance follows!  Stay tuned!


Check out the menu tab above for the Dynamite 180 program!  Watch the video! (Click on Human, then on 180, then scroll down to watch the video)

Have a great day in natural health and wellness!

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180 diet stabilization is working!

34/365 - B is for Battling the BulgeAlmost two weeks into stabilization!  This plan continues to work!  Again, for a three week period, I continue to eat off the food list, with no 180 drops, journal daily, weigh daily, keeping within two pounds of my goal weight.

It’s been easy, with no fluctuation the first week, then a one pound loss in the last couple of days.  I have deviated a little with a couple of meals out, and some chocolate!  Still easily within stabilization goals!

Weighing daily helps remind me that yes, I truly did lose the weight, and to keep me on course with my food journaling.  I’m so grateful to be thinner and lighter, for my own health and wellness, and the trickle down effect with my family and horsemanship!

Check out the menu tab above for the Dynamite 180 program!  Watch the video! (Click on Human, then on 180, then scroll down to watch the video)

Have a great day in natural health and wellness!


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Dynamite 180 stabilization

I lose water weight during the week and gain over the weekendThirty pounds lost!  I love being lighter and thinner!  The Dynamite 180 program advances you to stabilization and maintenance in order to reinforce good eating habits, food journaling, and daily weigh-in.

I know of no other plan that helps to keep the weight off by extending their protocol beyond the initial weight loss goal.  During this time, I stop taking the 180 homeopathic drops.  I continue on the protocol for three days, which I’ve just completed.

Do this for at least three weeks, choosing foods off the protocol list, weighing yourself daily, and continuing to food journal.  Stay within two pounds of your goal weight.  If you go over this, tighten up your eating until you have achieved this balance.

The stabilization period can be extended from three to six weeks.

Here’s to your weight loss success, Dynamite 180 makes it a reality!


Click on the above menu tab to order and get started!


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Weekly weigh in for menopause

ChainedOnly a little behind getting this posted!  Rather hectic going into the weekend, how about you?

Twenty five pounds lighter, thinner, heading for thirty pounds lost, and I’m going to keep on going!  This is fun, and amazing, and I’m seeing what clothes I can take to Goodwill now!

I have met my target on the jeans that I wanted to keep, one pair, with that lower cut waist, I didn’t think they would ever fit.  However, they are on, comfortable, with hardly a muffin top.  This pair is Wrangler Premium Patch (with stretch) bootcut low rise.  I’ve surprised myself on this one!

The food routine and choices remain satisfying, and sustaining, after all, we are busy women!

Take a look at the Dynamite 180 plan for your health for menopause, and beyond!  And also for the right here and now!

Click on the menu tab up top to check it out for yourself!  (Click on Human on the list to the left.)


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