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Support Group for Dynamite 180 diet

Sweet Potato Vine on the DeckWhen I started the Dynamite 180 diet program, the Dynamite company was running a “biggest loser” contest.  There were four of us in our group, with weigh-in’s every Tuesday morning.  It added to our motivation!

Since then, the Dynamite company has started a Dynamite 180 Support Group on Facebook!  Along with following the protocol to attain your goal weight, tap into this support group!

Search for Dynamite 180 Support and tap in!

Here’s to your success with the Dynamite 180 protocol!


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Maintenance on the Dynamite 180 diet

The Dynamite 180 diet program is great!  It takes you through weight loss, stabilization, and maintenance!  Maintenance is keeping within two pounds of your weight goal, working with old and new food habits.  This is the time you add back in some of your past favorites, seeing how they work, and which ones will never be a good choice for your diet plan.  If you push yourself over the edge, you can tighten up your diet with the food choices on the protocol.  I have found the Dynamite 180 diet to be very manageable!  I love being lighter and thinner!

Check it out!  Grab the link on the menu tab above, then click on Human on the left, then click on 180.  Scroll down and view the video, it gives you the “skinny” as does my previous blogs!

Here’s to your healthy lifestyle choices, for menopause, before, and beyond!


Order the starter pak direct from the website, you’ll get it along with the protocol within two to three days!

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35 pounds lost on the Dynamite 180 program!

P7032720 Lomofied full scale lots of extra blur scaledI decided to go off stabilization and lose another five pounds!  Well, mission accomplished!  So am back on stabilization, focusing on the protocol food list without the 180 drops for three days, then continuing for another couple of weeks, then on to maintenance.  I love how the Dynamite 180 program teaches you how to live beyond the diet!

Here’s to your health for menopause, and at any life stage you find yourself!


Click on the menu tab above, then to the left on Human, then on 180, the 180 Dynapak is what you need to implement the 180 diet!

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Stabilization complete on Dynamite 180 diet!

Zaim - HDRThree weeks into stabilization phase, and guess what, it worked!  I actually lost one pound.  This is an amazing program, teaching your body chemistry to reset itself!  No craving of carbs, no hunger pains, easy to be an “easy keeper”!  I have fit in some occasional chocolate, my body goes for the fat to burn!

What could be better!

Dynamite 180 Maintenance follows!  Stay tuned!


Check out the menu tab above for the Dynamite 180 program!  Watch the video! (Click on Human, then on 180, then scroll down to watch the video)

Have a great day in natural health and wellness!

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