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Dynamite 180 stabilization

I lose water weight during the week and gain over the weekendThirty pounds lost!  I love being lighter and thinner!  The Dynamite 180 program advances you to stabilization and maintenance in order to reinforce good eating habits, food journaling, and daily weigh-in.

I know of no other plan that helps to keep the weight off by extending their protocol beyond the initial weight loss goal.  During this time, I stop taking the 180 homeopathic drops.  I continue on the protocol for three days, which I’ve just completed.

Do this for at least three weeks, choosing foods off the protocol list, weighing yourself daily, and continuing to food journal.  Stay within two pounds of your goal weight.  If you go over this, tighten up your eating until you have achieved this balance.

The stabilization period can be extended from three to six weeks.

Here’s to your weight loss success, Dynamite 180 makes it a reality!


Click on the above menu tab to order and get started!


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Weekly weigh in for menopause

ChainedOnly a little behind getting this posted!  Rather hectic going into the weekend, how about you?

Twenty five pounds lighter, thinner, heading for thirty pounds lost, and I’m going to keep on going!  This is fun, and amazing, and I’m seeing what clothes I can take to Goodwill now!

I have met my target on the jeans that I wanted to keep, one pair, with that lower cut waist, I didn’t think they would ever fit.  However, they are on, comfortable, with hardly a muffin top.  This pair is Wrangler Premium Patch (with stretch) bootcut low rise.  I’ve surprised myself on this one!

The food routine and choices remain satisfying, and sustaining, after all, we are busy women!

Take a look at the Dynamite 180 plan for your health for menopause, and beyond!  And also for the right here and now!

Click on the menu tab up top to check it out for yourself!  (Click on Human on the list to the left.)


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Weigh in day on Tuesday

Had the weigh in a couple of days ago, broke the over-twenty pound loss!  I’m excited!  I love being lighter and thinner!  Today I weighed myself, and am already on my way to thirty pounds weight loss!

Went through my closet and had to let loose of a few pairs of jeans that are now TOO BIG for me!  And, my bottom is shrinking!  I’ve lost 20 inches along the way!

While I was on vacation with my daughter, I gained half a pound.  When I was gone for a week with my horse, riding and camping, I lost two pounds!  And I did cheat a little…..

I continue to feel good, healthy, with good energy and mental acuity.  Dynamite provides a quality vitamin program to enhance your weight loss experience.  I really feel that this is for real, and I won’t be backsliding, I feel too good!

Here’s to your health for menopause and beyond!



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Diet vacation management

Tuesday weigh in, gained less than half a pound.  I have one of those scales that measures in 0.2 increments.  Pick one up at your local discount store for under twenty dollars.

I’ve been on vacation with my daughter for the last two weeks.  Dietary management has really been quite easy!  I had one “off” day when in Stehekin.  I had a chicken sandwich, grilled, without the bun, thought I was doing well, until we decided to stop in Leavenworth for dinner.  We went to our favorite bistro, and I ordered a salad that seemed straightforward enough.

The salad came drowned in dressing.  Although I managed to eat the chicken and most of the added vegetables, I reminded myself to take nothing for granted, and order the dressing on the side!

The next day, we went to Lake Wenatchee to spend the day, and I astutely packed a picnic lunch!  Take a look at this cute, collapsible picnic basket.  It is insulated, and I used those ice pack things to keep things cool.  Worked great!  Look for it at your local discount store!

Again, salad dressing on the side, and pack a picnic!

Here’s to your easily managed dietary needs!


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Weigh in day for menopause

IMG_9269Eighteen pounds in 5 weeks!  I’m liking it!  It’s less of a grunt getting on my horse, you know, out on the trail when you have to find a high spot for yourself and a low spot for the horse!

Chance encounters with folks is garnering compliments, I’m liking that!  Overall, feeling good and sleeping better.  Hmmmm, I’m sleeping seven to nine hours.  Being overweight is associated with sleep apnia.  The current idea is if you do not get enough sleep, at least seven hours, that that contributes to weight gain.  So what comes first, weight loss, or a good nights’ sleep?  The chicken or the egg?

Only the Goddess knows!

Here’s to both for yourselves!


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Tuesday progress report for menopause

Took my mare Delilah to the vet for a dental check and shots.  The vet whipped out his weight tape and told me one hundred pounds over desired goal!

I was “goaling” as soon as I lost one pound!  I am down fifteen pounds in four weeks, feeling good, looking good, and I love my clothes fitting better, the way they should?!!  How would you describe that?  It’s fun seeing what fits again after sitting in the closet for a couple of years!

I continue on with goal posts for another four weeks.  When your weight goal is reached, then the program for maintenance begins.

Here’s to your optimal health for menopause!


Here’s the link for Dynamite 180.  Check it out!

www.DynamiteOnline.com/TerriHughes  (Click on menu tab up top)

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Diet eats for menopause

applesI can’t say I like the word “diet”!  I really prefer to say something like, food make over!  As a pharmacist, I can’t help but think we can use food and herbal chemistry to our advantage!  The Dynamite 180 program does just that!

I take a dose of herbal drops before each meal.  I have two fruit snacks during the day.  Food choices give plenty of variety.  So far, this is what I’ve been eating:

black coffee, vitamins, breakfast of oatmeal with fat-free milk, cinnamon and a packet of stevia.  Later, half a piece of whole wheat bread with a hardboiled egg.  For mid-morning break, a handful of berries, or a quarter of cantelope.  Lunch is a salad made from a handful of dark greens, slices of tamed jalapenos, a few forkfuls of pico de gallo, with about four ounces of barbecued chicken breast.  I use a salad vinegar for seasoning.

An apple for afternoon break, with a four to five ounce Angus beef  patty, barbecued, with a dark greens salad and a sliced tomato for dinner.  All with lots of water!

It’s important to have a quality supplement on board.  I’m using Dynamite’s right now.  Cost is similar to Mountain Home Nutritional’s Daily Advantage, or the E3Live blue green algae supplement.

I tend to focus on just a few different food choices, but many are available so you won’t get bored!  I’m also walking my dog, doing some Total Gym weights, and horseback riding.  I have my extra egg in the morning to compensate for my exercise routine. Also, my day is quite long, rising at six in the morning, in bed by eleven at night.

I feel good, have all the energy, physical and mental, that I need, and I’m balancing my body’s needs as I’ve passed through for menopause!

Here’s to your make-over success for menopause!


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Tuesday weigh in for menopause

SALADAs I progressed through my menopause journey, I experimented and assessed my dietary needs, my activity level, and how it had changed over time, fitting my dietary needs to accommodate my slower pace, if you will.  Just how many calories do I need, anyway, and where should I be getting them?

I’ve been experimenting with denial these past couple of years, and that only got me extra pounds!  When my friend Sally approached me of being on a weight loss team using Dynamite 180, I thought, why not?

Dynamite 180 is a homeopathic plan emphasizing lean protein, unprocessed foods, and low glycemic index fruits and vegetables.

Tuesday weigh in saw another weight reduction, and inches lost.  I love having my QBaby Wrangler riding jeans comfortable in the waist like they should be!  I love being able to bend over to get my boots on with my jeans zipped!  Does any of this sound familiar?  I dug those shirts out that I was going to give to the Goodwill, since they fit now!

I’ll post my daily eats next.  I’m amazed how I can go on so little.  It’s making an “easy keeper” out of me!

I’m loving it!




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Tuesday weigh in for menopause

Start diet todayBroke the ten pound barrier this week!  I had plateaued for a few days, so added in some walk/jog with Cramer-dog to keep it going!

I love being lighter and thinner!  Who can argue with ten pounds in two weeks for a great kick start!  My body type is an “apple” as opposed to a “pear”, so it feels really good to say goodbye to the belly fat.  Do you remember that song we used to do in physical ed in school, “Go you chicken fat Go!”?  (Am I dating myself?)

Here’s to your healthy body for menopause!


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180 for menopause

Goooooaaaaal!What is 180?  This is a wholistic, homeopathic, diet plan.  Diet is such a four letter word! in many people’s vocabulary, including mine!  I prefer to say food choice make-over, food cupboard clean-up, call it what You like!

A half dozen of us have banded together, most involved in horse sports to various degrees and levels, to create a team, and compete through the product company of Dynamite to see whose team is the biggest loser!  Right now, I figure our team has to win, since I have just come out of retirement with my denial of what I need to do (to keep getting in the saddle and not outgrow it!).  Major motivator!

I weigh in tomorrow, two days of loading up with big calorie foods, then Tuesday start in with low glycemic index foods focusing on proteins, fruits and vegetables.  Hunter/gatherer type choices.

This is not an innovative food list, reference The Zone from the 90’s, The South Beach Diet, and others, but the teamwork approach makes for a great support system!  Just make sure your teammates are kind!  As mine are!  We all want to keep riding in balance!

We focus on our food choices for 8 weeks.  I’ll keep you posted as I go along.  Yikes, I have to “own up” tomorrow!  Don’t look back, onward and upward!

Here’s to your ultimate health and wellness!  For Menopause and beyond!


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